Factors That Influence Diamond Buying Process

Buying diamonds can be a nightmare for some people, especially those who are not familiar with this rare mineral. The rarity of this rough stone has led to the production of synthetic diamonds, which have the precision and characteristics almost matching the original diamonds. This has further complicated the process of buying diamonds and diamond jewellery as people often fail to recognise between an original diamond and the synthetic one.

Further, diamonds obtained from different geographical locations are different in quality. The age of the diamond mine is an important factor in the quality and clarity of diamonds. In a nutshell clarity, color, cut and carat of the diamond can influence your decision of buying diamond jewellery.

Tips for buying diamonds

At Ja-Diam we have put together a few suggestions you may want to follow while buying diamonds:

  • Identify an authentic source for buying diamond. Beware of fake diamond dealers
    who are interested in making short-term benefits by selling precious stones.
  • Make sure that the dealer has a track record
    of selling high quality diamonds and is well established either online or offline.
  • Most importantly, a good dealer will always educate its customers on the 4 C’s of Diamond buying process.
  • Make sure you get an acknowledged certificate, so only GIA, HRD or IGI.

Ja-Diam is an established diamond jewellery expert serving customers in the whole wide world. We offer guaranteed home delivery for clients buying diamonds. If you are interested in selling or buying diamonds, please feel free to contact your Antwerp diamond jewellery company.