Now more than ever – invest in diamonds as a long-term investment

The financial crisis leaves deep marks into the lives of everybody, in your own life too. What is it exactly you wish to do with those hard-earned savings? Do you want to leave them on your bank account or does an investment looks good to you? Ja-Diam offers you a save investment, namely in diamonds. Diamonds are timeless and they enjoy popularity all over the world. Maybe you’re familiar with the slogan ‘Diamonds are forever’? Well, if you invest in diamonds, your money too is guaranteed. Below, you can find more information about investing in diamonds.

Why investing in diamonds?

Diamonds are given a whole range of characteristics in the course of the years. They are described as valuable, magical, rare, prestigious, romantic, luxurious and mysterious. Which other product has all of these character traits? And as a consequence of this that they belong among the most wanted objects in the world. Moreover, they are more than appropriate for an investment, since they offer you a number of advantages. Below, you can find a few of these benefits listed:


  • With the passage of time, diamonds do not tend to loose their value, because of their durable character. Unlike other luxurious products, like Old Timers and fur, of which the value decreases due to a lower quality;
  • In comparison with other investments, a diamond doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance;
  • You don’t have to take account of any possible taxes in case of an increasing value. As a consequence, you can enjoy a tax-free augmentation of your investment!
  • A diamond is a worldwide wanted object, which allows you to exchange it at any time all around the world. This means that you can use it as an alternative instrument of payment in the absence of money;


Ja-Diam – The place to be for your investment!

We are specialized in different kinds of diamonds, from the smallest of all to the biggest possible. We have a past full of experiences and therefore, we can offer you the knowledge needed for a good investment. We can guarantee you the highest quality, which means a surplus value for you and your money. Ja-Diam gives you also the very important and necessary certificate. If you like to invest in a diamond, you always have to make sure that you receive this worldwide-recognized diamond certificate. Us workers at Ja-Diam, we are aware of this, so you can set your mind at rest about that. In addition, you’re always at the right place with Ja-Diam and we are ceaselessly at your disposal. Do you wish to sell your diamond, purchasing them or let them have evaluated? Ja-Diam can offer you all of these services! Don’t hesitate about emailing or calling us: we attempt to help you as soon as possible!


Investing in diamonds is a save investment and together with Ja-Diam, you can be sure of the ideal partnership! A diamond is unique and it’s not only ‘a girl’s best friend’, but it’s everyone’s wanted companion. Whenever and wherever , their seductiveness will be continuously wanted, so there will always be someone out there willing to pay you a great amount of money in return.

Do you wish to know more about Ja-Diam as a partner for your investment? Than make an appointment today via e-mail or via phone number +32(0)3/232.00.75 and we’ll try to be at your service as soon as possible!