Sell your diamonds at the best price with Ja-Diam

Selling your precious diamonds is an important decision that should not be undertaken lightly. Not only are you looking for the very best price for your diamond or diamonds; you are searching for a partner, someone who can offer personalized service and expert knowledge, someone who will go the extra distance to maximize your diamond’s value.

Ja-Diam is excited at the prospect of working with you to secure the very best sales price for your diamond or diamond jewellery. But why choose Ja-Diam? Because you deserve exceptional service, and because you are able to benefit from our many years of experience.

The Ja-Diam Difference

We are a family-owned company that has been in the diamond business for three generations. As gemologists, expert appraisers, and diamond lovers ourselves, we can guide you through your sale and address any concern you might have at each step in the process. Beware of colleagues who have next to no knowledge of the diamond market. These are in no position to procure the best sale price for your diamond.

For immediate service, you may use the contact us form to let us know more about your diamond. You may also send a personal email to, and we will address your inquiry as soon as possible. Consider selling your diamond with Ja-Diam. Anything less simply won’t do.