Diamonds are the most exquisite pieces of minerals found on the earth. To evaluate diamonds is not everyone’s forte as it involves the understanding of different aspects that define the quality of the diamond.

Diamonds extracted from different sources differ slightly and the quality of the diamond may also vary depending on the physical structure such as the shape, cuts, etc.


The 4 C’s of Diamond Evaluation

The 4C’s of diamond evaluation refer to the four important aspects that determine the quality of a diamond. They are:


Learning the right evaluation process to identify flawless diamonds becomes important! Be it a jewellery or a diamond piece, at Ja-Diam, we begin with examining the cut of the diamond since a good cut can bring out the maximum brilliance and sparkle from the stone and essentially making it more valuable.

Further, the diamond is evaluated on its clarity and ensures the stone is clear and has no scratches, chips, bubbles and is sparkling clean. The next factor that can influence an evaluation of a diamond is its colour and in most situations is the easiest factor. It is known that less colour the diamond has the more valuable it is. Finally, all these factors combined with the Carat of the diamond make the diamond evaluation process complete. The carat of the diamond is the weight of the stone and each carat is assigned points.

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Evaluate your Diamonds in Antwerp

Now you can get the service of a certified diamond evaluator at Antwerp. Ja-Diam, a recognized name in the field of diamond jewellery evaluation, offers you the professional diamond evaluation service.

At Ja-Diam, we follow the 4 C’s of diamond evaluation process if you are planning to sell your diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces or simply get it evaluated make sure that you get free evaluation of diamonds at experts who adhere to the 4 C’s of diamond evaluation process.

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